STEM4HER (Girls go Digital)

The extent to which economies are going more digital, the situation could get worse, if girls or women are not empowered to fit the digital world. It is estimated that more than 75million jobs are to be lost whiles 133million new jobs created. Tackling gender equality in the emerging world, “STEM4HER” project is the bridge to transform young girls and or women into the digital world to be economically empowered, most especially now that COVID-19 present a worst scenario with most organizations laying-off workers. As part of our STEM4HER project we got a grant from the U.S Embassy Ghana on a project known as “GIRLS GO DIGITAL”.

The focus of the project was to offer young girls between age 15 to 25 years the opportunity to learn mobile/web development and robotics (IOT) targeted at bridging the gap of gender inequality in STEM related careers in the Upper West Region. From the inception of the training: 3/09/2020 to 31/03/2021, six (6) batches were trained and completed course successfully.

In all, a total of 314 young girls were trained in Mobile App/Web Development and Robotics (IoTs) modules. Also, about 221 stakeholders including youth groups and organisations were sensitise on the opportunities available for young girls in the STEM career fields. Again, 33 STEM4HER Campus Clubs were created in schools of participants and 20 “Girls Go Digital Alumni” community clubs.  This project was partnered by Noni Hub and National Youth Authority, Wa.