Teen Talk GH has five core goals that it seeks to accomplish.


  • 1. To create safe spaces for teenagers to discuss issues related to sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

    Teen Talk GH works with local partners, government entities, and other NGOs to ensure that young people are empowered with the knowledge they need in order to make informed decisions about their SRHR. Teen Talk GH also offers resources such as individual counselling sessions, group seminars, workshops, and other initiatives designed to help teenagers understand their body better and become comfortable discussing important topics such as contraception, STI prevention, gender roles, consent, bodily autonomy, consent education, and healthy relationships.

  • The organisation emphasises providing comprehensive knowledge of SRHR through evidence-based methods which includes incorporating international best practices in all its activities. Teen Talk GH also holds discussions with experts from both medical and legal fields in order to provide accurate information regarding SRHR that is both age-appropriate and easily accessible for young people.


  • 2. To equip and empower teenagers and the youth with educational, recreational, cultural, health and lifelong learning opportunities for their future transformation. Teen Talks Gh is driven by a mission to inspire the growth of young people in Ghana with education being at the core of its efforts. Teen Talks Gh strives to provide teenagers and young adults with access to life-changing knowledge that allows them to make informed decisions regarding both their short-term and long-term interests.


  • 3. To provide comprehensive youth development and skills training opportunities.

  • Teen Talk GH collaborates with both government and non-governmental organisations in order to promote youth engagement in their respective local communities. Teen Talk GH seeks to provide resources such as educational seminars, workshops, and other initiatives that can help young people acquire the necessary skills for success. Teen Talk GH also works to connect different stakeholders by creating programs that foster collaboration between different segments of society.


  • 4. To  foster a culture of entrepreneurship among young people.

    The organization encourages budding entrepreneurs through mentorship programs, business incubators, and various other initiatives aimed at providing access to resources they may not have had before. Teen Talks Gh believes that this will help stimulate economic growth across Ghana by inspiring innovators from all parts of society.


  • 5. Teen Talk GH is committed to creating Teen Talk Clubs in every district of the Upper West Region, providing free career advice and counselling services to all members.

    Teen Talk Clubs will serve as safe spaces for teenagers to discuss issues related to their sexual health without judgment. Teen Talk GH plans on leveraging its existing partnerships with local NGOs, government agencies and international partners in order to ensure that Teen Talk Clubs are established in each district.

  • In addition, Teen Talk GH will be working closely with youth leadership organizations such as the Ghana National Youth Authority (NYA) to involve young people in policy-making decisions at the community level and facilitate workshops that focus on empowering marginalised groups. Teen Talks Gh will also provide access to resources such as books, online courses, physical and virtual classes, recreational activities and other educational opportunities for teenagers throughout the Upper West Region