Who we are

Teen Talk is a non-governmental organisation that create opportunities, and platforms for teenagers, teen-mothers and the youth (between the ages of 15 – 35 years) to empower themselves within our strengths. We are also into conducting research across the length and breadth of upper west region on issues related to teenagers, teen-mothers and youth empowerment, especially skills development.

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TeenTalkGH will strive to meet the following goals but not limited.

  • To create safe spaces for teenagers to discuss issues related to sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

  • To equip and empower teenagers and the youth with educational, recreational, cultural, health and lifelong learning opportunities for their future transformation

  • To foster a culture of entrepreneurship among young people.

  • committed to creating Teen Talk Clubs in every district of the Upper West Region, providing free career advice and counselling services to all members

    Our Structure


    The management of TeenTalk gh is key to its success and therefore, the organisation will among other things have a proper structure of workers including board of directors who will be individuals of good academic and social standing. The order of power relations shall from the board of directors and move downwards, the organogram shows the management team or structure of TeenTalk gh.


    TeenTalk gh shall have a legal practitioner who will achieve the board of directors and management on other operations and dealings with other organisations. The lawyer will also defend the organisation in all legal matters.


    The board of directors of TeenTalk shall be made up of 5 to 7 members. They will among other things take the highest decisions for and on behalf of the organisations they shall meet at least three (3) times in a year to review and plan strategically for programs and projects of TeenTalk gh including partnerships and sponsorship deals. The board shall also evaluate programs and projects of TeenTalk.


    The legal team of Teen Talk gh shall be the next in order of authority which will among other things advice the board of directors and management on legal issues, be the custodian of the constitution governing the organisation and further defend TeenTalk gh, in legal related issues.


    The chief executive officer shall be a person of good educational standing, who should have a degree in related areas. The CEO shall man all partnership issues, plan for programs and represent the organisation on various platforms.


    Our Team

    Linat Osman

    Executive Director

    Rosemanna Adu-Agyei

    Head of Operations

    Justine Tuolong

    Programs Manager

    Isaiah Sankye


    Adeline Dakurah

    Field Officer

    Faiza Osman Kundaribuo

    Field Officer

    Oswald Dachaga

    Project Coordinator - Health