Girls go Digital Project


Gender inequality has been a bane on development across countries. For example, in Ghana, Girls have been neglected in participating in major careers including STEM.Empirical data currently suggest, out every 10 STEM professionals, only 1 could be a female. As economies are going more digital, the situation could get worse, if Girls are not empowered to fit the digital world. It is estimated that more than 75million jobs are to be lost whiles 133million new jobs created. Tackling gender equality in the emerging world, “Girls Go Digital” (G2D) project is the bridge to transform young girls into the digital world. Also, as COVID-19 present a worst scenario with most organisations going digital.

This project aims to build the capacity of girls; sensitive, engage and collaborate with all stakeholders to prepare for the change.

Methodologically, the project will provide practical hands-on experience, where teachers’ serve as Next

Steps, Role Models and Facilitate Positivity and Curiosity. This program supports Mission ICS objectives of promoting opportunity and development by investing in people and improving learning outcomes. It also supports the objectives of promoting a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and business development, especially among young women and other economically disadvantaged people.

In this first performance progress report, from September 3, 2020 to September 30, 2020; we sought to train fifty (50) young girls in mobile/web development.



Teen Talk Ghana (hereinafter referred to as the Recipient), is hereby provided a federal

award, the purpose of which is to:

          To train girls in mobile/web development and robotics; Create Internet of Things; Train

STEM facilitators.

Objectives and Expected Outcomes:

Teen Talk Ghana agreed to perform the program and meet the specific objectives below:

  1. To train 300 girls in mobile/web development and robotics by February, 2021.
  2. To establish 50 STEM4HER campus networks by February, 2021.
  3. To train 50 STEM4HER campus network patrons/facilitators. Facilitators are to ensure the

sustainability of the campus clubs and networks. Also, they will provide an environment that is conducive for girls to engage in STEM activities while providing them guidance to pursue careers in STEM.

  1. To sensitive and engage 100 stakeholders in STEM education.
  2. To provide mentorship for girls in STEM



The launch of “Girls Go Digital” project started on September 3, 2020 as scheduled to interview about two-hundred (200) young girls where fifty (50) beneficiaries were selected as participants to be trained in mobile/web development and create Internet of Things; within the time frame from September 7, 2020 – September 30, 2020. On Monday, September 7, 2020 at Wa Secondary / Technical School in the Upper West Region, the G2D project was officially launched. At the interviews and launch of the project, all Covid-19 protocols were adhered to; e.g. washing of hand under running water with soap; wearing of face/nose mask, checking of temperature using thermometer gun and observation of social distancing in the sitting arrangement. Thereafter, the selected fifty (50) beneficiary participants were inaugurated as the 1st Batch of young girls between 15 – 25 years old ready to be taken through a four weeks intensive practical hands-on-training under two (2) modules; Web Development and Mobile App Development. At the launch of the project, the Director; Ms. Linat Osman welcomed participants and introduced Teen Talk Ghana to them as a young non-governmental organisation which purpose is to bridge the gap of inequality affecting females mostly in STEM related careers. She informed participants that; “Girls Go Digital” is a project proudly sponsored by the US Embassy Ghana and supported by other stakeholders like the National Youth Authority (NYA) – they provides participant with laptops to be used for the training; NoniHub – an IT firm whose role is to provide human resource as facilitators and will guide participants through the learning of Web Development and Mobile App Development, while W FM – also to assist in the local publicity of the project. Subsequently, representatives from the aforementioned supporting stakeholders were introduced to participants and they all advised the young girls to make the most out of the opportunity and pledged to support the project to achieve the stated objectives. In addition, Mr. Sumaila Chakurah, the Finance Officer at Teen Talk Ghana introduced staff members of the organisation to the participants and they were taken through the courses content to be learnt over the period of four weeks stay by facilitators from NoniHub.

After the introduction section, there was an interaction with beneficiary participants to understand their prior knowledge of the chosen module and or course; expectations, and finally the project was declared to be duly and successfully launched by the Project Manager; Mr. Justine Tuolong and training started on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.