Who we are

TeenTalkGH is a non-governmental youth organisation that started in March 2014 and was registered under the national youth Authority (upper West) on 29th February 2016 and the registrar generals department for commencement and incorporation of  with the following registration numbers NYA/UWR/RB/YP/032, CG027602016,C006485340 and CG027602016 ,C0006485340 respectively.

The organisation was started by Miss Linat Osman Kundaribuo and Kunlie Desmond as co-founders. The organisation is born out of the fact that, the two founders realised a gap in youth development and skilled development and empowerment. The high crime rates in the Region can be associated to the growing youth in the region. The youth in the region  engage in all sort of vices in order to keep themselves active, against this background, the region have recorded high rates;

  1. Teenage pregnancies and child marriages.
  2. Drug abuse and addiction
  3. School drop-out
  4. Unemployment
  5. Low rates of youth entrepreneurial development

Among other things, the founders realised that, ex-convicts has problem of re-integrating into society.

TeenTalkGH therefore is born  to operate within the Upper West region but not limited in the nearest possible future. our projects, programs and activities, will be channel to address most of the gaps identified by the organisation to achieve 75 – 85% positive results within the next (5) five years.

TeenTalkGH also will work hand-in- hand with government, NGOs, Organisations, institutions, societies, and groups and individuals who share in our vision, mission and objective.

As a matter of operation, Teentalk will among other things create opportunities, and platforms for the youth (persons within the ages of 15 – 35 years) to empower themselves within our strengths. Teentalk will also dedicate some resources to youth research across the length and breadth of the region.