Organisational Culture

TeenTalkGH uphold the following values, norms, and beliefs to help staff, patrons and clients work together effectively and to achieve its goals and objectives.

  • Transparency and accountability.

TeenTalkGH believes, that its operation should not be kept in secrecy and out of the public eye, our doors and operations are open to stakeholders, and the public at large, we will provide timely and accurate information to whoever needs it. On the same tangent, staff, and stakeholders, will be held to stewardship of their activities, monitoring and evaluation is to be done in our activities, programs and projects, In order to be accountable.

TeenTalkGH will keep official documentation of its dealings for proper auditing purposes. Among other things, teen talk gh will have a yearly public and stakeholder hearings and radio publicity of its activities including, advertisement on procurement of resource for its operation.

  • Teentalk: we believe and strongly uphold the standards of coordination and cooperation among staff members and stakeholders. We expect that the free flow of information among members and stakeholders. Effective communication will be promoted through the organisation’s knowledge base on facilities and will enhance proper and accurate communication. The use of professional and appropriate language will be encouraged at all levels.

A good and decent relationship should exist among senior and Junior staff members for maintaining a good teamwork, horstly, unprofessional debates and arguments will not be encourage among staff and stakeholders. All disputes among staff and stakeholders will be resolved as soon as possible, the services of professional conflict resolutionist will be seeked if necessary.

  • Probity:

We uphold high level of integrity and self discipline among staff and stakeholders. TeenTalk will not engage in any fraudulent activities or any such engagements staff and client relationships should not go beyond official engagements. The integrity of clients will be respected and given all needed human dignity.

  • Confidentiality and protection of clients:

TeenTalkGH will among others uphold in high esteem the confidentiality of clients and clients personal information. TeenTalk also believes in protecting the rights of clients and therefore will operate with all legal authorities and institution when necessary.

  • All other ethical and professional code of conducting and operation will be encouraged though not documented. All members are also encouraged to enhance our knowledge base.